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Marilina Sallaberry

Marilina Sallaberry

When Marilina Sallaberry arrived at the CEI San Ignacio School in Patagonia, Argentina, at the age of 14, she had no knowledge of GLOBE and little awareness of her potential to engage in scientific research. Now, having recently graduated, she feels privileged to have been a GLOBE student and has joined the GLOBE Alumni Network in order to keep GLOBE alive in her community and nearby communities. Through online videoconferencing, she will remain in touch with other GLOBE alumni around the world and continue her work with GLOBE well beyond her high school years. 

Marilina is aware of the social and educational benefits of participating in the GLOBE Program and pleased to have found a means to contribute to, and engage with, her local community. When 8 GLOBE students from India visited her school, she assisted as their translator. These students were involved in the ENO tree-planting project; together they planted trees in her community. Marilina is now comfortable leading GLOBE protocols in Atmosphere, Hydrology, Soils, Phenology and GPS. Through all of these GLOBE activities, she continues to expand her knowledge of science, math and English.

Marilina is engaged in ongoing research on the increased frequency of extreme weather events (rainfall, drought, flooding, temperature, frost) in relation to the El Niño/ La Niña Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and climate change in the North-West region of Patagonia. "Now," she writes, "with my status as an alumna GLOBE, I intend to use everything I have learned and pour it into my community and nearby communities." Her aim is to engage as many students as possible in a 500-kilometer radius of her home. "Because so many of my former classmates are studying in this area, I am hoping to bring them together to keep GLOBE invigorated in our region and to contribute to scientific research in Patagonia."