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Ms Paula Štancl

Paula Štancl, a former GLOBE student from Croatia, is currently studying molecular biology at the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb in Croatia.

“I chose molecular biology because it is a beautiful combination of biology and chemistry -- two subjects I studied while a student in the GLOBE Program.”

Paula first decided to join the GLOBE Program while a freshman student at the XV Gimnazija in Croatia. 

“I was quite anxious because I didn’t know anything about it, nor had I any knowledge in the natural sciences. However, the older GLOBE students and our mentor helped us -- 'the rookies' -- a lot during our first year,” stated Paula.

She continued: “During my 10th grade year I was working on a project with the GLOBE Program: ‘How does the soil temperature affect the Green-Down.’  I went on to win a national competition for GLOBE schools in Croatia. That was my first step in scientific work and was a turning point for me.  After that, my primary subject at school became biology.  I was eager to explore more of the world around me through practical work.” 

Paula soon had a desire to learn more about the hydrosphere with the GLOBE Program.

“Once I became the hydrosphere group leader my life turned a new leaf once again. I began to enjoy chemistry more. I loved integrating all my knowledge from different subjects into GLOBE in order to solve problems,” she added.

Paula and her schoolmates also considered how to involve more of the students at her school. 

“During my final year at XV Gimnazija we came up with the idea to include electronics and informatics within the GLOBE Program by learning how to make our own measurement instruments. That way students who are fonder of the technical sciences could get involved with the GLOBE Program and learn more about our environment.”

Paula would like to encourage students who may be considering joining the GLOBE Program.

“Joining the GLOBE Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Not only did I learn new theoretical and practical things about science, but I also was able to meet new and interesting people.  GLOBE gave me the ability to approach solving problems from different points of view.  A whole new world is opened up to you when you are a part of the GLOBE Program. You just have to figure out how to get the most out of all the options that are provided,” she finished.