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GLOBE U.S. In-Service/Pre-Service Teachers: Natural Inquirer Opportunity Offers Stipends for Blog/Social Media Posts

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Educators and Pre-service Teachers: Earn a $100 stipend for contributing to the GLOBE and Natural Inquirer Crosswalk Project. The GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office is working in partnership with the USDA Forest Service to show connections between Natural Inquirer readers for students and GLOBE protocols, learning activities, and story books. Connections can be shown through a blog post or other format that you would use in your classroom or educational setting.

Natural Inquirer Readers

Each Natural Inquirer issue has a Wakelet collection page that includes a description of the issue, links to the issue, and possible GLOBE connections. Your assignment is to create a product that clearly demonstrates how these materials can be used with students in a classroom activity.

To access links to the Wakelet collection pages, click here.

Project Details

For a blog post:

  • Introduce yourself! Tell us a little about your background and describe why you chose this particular topic.
  • Describe the Natural Inquirer issue or article. How would you use it with students?
  • Describe the GLOBE resources.
  • Detail how these resources connect. How would you implement them with students in a classroom or educational setting?
  • List which NGSS student performance expectations, or disciplinary core ideas, would be covered with the series of activities. NGSS alignment with GLOBE materials are available at this link.
  • Be submitted as Microsoft Word file or Google Doc.

If you do not want to write a blog post, consider creating a post for social media (Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), a Google Slide presentation, a pacing guide, or something else to use with your students.

How to Earn a Stipend

Stipends will be paid for crosswalks chosen to be published to the GLOBE U.S. Country Coordinator blog and related social media.

  1. Choose a Natural Inquirer issue and related GLOBE materials from the Wakelet links above.
  2. Complete this Google Form.
  3. Wait for an email from the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office.
  4. Send in a completed project!
  5. The GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office will publish your project and send you paperwork to receive the stipend.


For more information, click here.

Contact the GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office at


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