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January 2016 GLOBE News Brief

Two men shake hands while a crowd applauds around them.
The GLOBE Program Welcomes Vietnam as Newest Partnering Country

Two men sit at a table signing papers.

President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology Chau Van Minh (left) and United States Ambassador Ted Osius (right) signed an agreement on 09 December 2015, in Hanoi, welcoming Vietnam as the newest GLOBE partnering country. 



Deadline for 2016 GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellowship Applications Extended: Due 05 January 2016

Teachers work together to take a sample near a stream.

The deadline for applications for the 2016 GLOBE Distinguished Educator Fellowship has been extended to 05 January 2016.
There will be a total of three fellowships: one for the United States and two for GLOBE countries other than the US. All GLOBE educators, both formal and informal, are encouraged to apply. 

A stipend of $650 USD will be paid to both the educator and to the partnering scientist.

2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair -- Updates 

Two boys look together at a water sample.
Four Eligible 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair Projects Will be Awarded a Stipend to Help Defray the Costs of the GLOBE Annual Meeting in the USA 

Eligible projects entered for the 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair have the opportunity to be selected for a stipend to help defray the cost of attending the 20th GLOBE Annual Meeting and Student Learning Experience in Estes Park, Colorado, USA, in July 2016. (In order to be considered eligible, students must earn a four-star research badge and at least two other four-star badges. Read about eligibility requirements in more detail on the science fair webpage.) 

Awards will be presented, by drawing, from among all eligible projects entered in the 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair. The monetary value of the awards is as follows:

  • $2,000 for international projects ($2,000 per project awarded to two projects)
  • $1,000 for US projects ($1,000 per project awarded to two projects)

(The larger awards to international projects will compensate for the greater cost of travel.) 
Remember: Entries for the 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair are due on 11 March 2016.

Shareable Images for the 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science Fair Are Now Available

Shareable showing two girls measuring the heights of soil differences.

Do you want to share information about the GLOBE 2016 International Virtual Science Fair? Shareable images for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook are available. Download them and share them with your networks!  

New GLOBE Website Tutorial: Uploading Photos and Videos to GLOBE Webpages

Logo for the GLOBE program showing the silhouettes of children gathered around a globe of the Earth.

The GLOBE Implementation Office has added a new demonstration video showing how to upload photos and videos to the GLOBE Website!
There are many other helpful tips and demonstrations that will help community members use, and add content to, the GLOBE website - making it easier and more convenient for GLOBE community members to learn and share, starting with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

And, remember, the GLOBE Implementation Office Community Support Team is available to answer questions Monday through Friday. You can also call the toll-free U.S. number 1-800-858-9947 or email

Opportunities for Teachers


Long-Term Climate Effects on Human Settlements and Habitation Webinar: 11 January 2016

A head-shot style image of a woman.

Join hosts David Bydlowski and Andy Henry for the Wayne RESA ICCARS (Investigating Climate Change and Remote Sensing) Professional Learning Network for the 2015-2016 School Year. The one hour meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (ET).
The next webinar in this series will be held on 11 January 2016. It is entitled "Long-Term Climate Effects on Human Settlements and Habitation" and is presented by Dr. Andrea C. Simonelli. 

Free NASA STEM Educator Webinars

NASA logo.

The NASA STEM Educator Professional Development Collaborative (EPDC) is presenting a series of webinars open to all educators. All pre-service, K-12, and informal educators, as well as university faculty, are invited to join NASA education specialists to learn about NASA missions, activities, lesson plans, educator guides, and online resources that integrate NASA and STEM into the classroom.
An upcoming webinar, "Earth Right Now: Hurricanes in Your Classroom" is geared toward educators in grade levels 5 through 8. Through this webinar, which is presented by Steve Culivan (at 6:00 p.m. EST on 13 January 2016), participants will explore hurricanes, tropical cyclones, and other severe storms while integrating NASA STEM curriculum, online resources, missions, and the Next Generations Science Standards into classroom instruction.

NOAA Announce FY16 Environmental Literacy Grants Funding Opportunity

NOAA mission logo.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Education has issued a competitive funding opportunity for education projects designed to strengthen the public's and/or K-12 students' environmental literacy to enable informed decision-making necessary for community resilience to extreme weather events and other environmental hazards. 

The deadline for applications to this funding opportunity is 11:59:59 pm EST on 08 February 2016.  Applications must be submitted online via

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GISN Members: Please Update Your Profile

A teacher works with several students outdoors.

Would you like to guide the next generation of students while getting the word out about your research? As preparations are underway for the 2016 GLOBE International Virtual Science and US regional science fairs, GLOBE students are looking for guidance from GISN scientists.
The GLOBE Implementation Office has created a short slide deck with instructions on how to update your GISN profile and how to make and upload a GISN video. 

United States Regional Science Fairs -- Update

A high-school aged boy explains his science fair project to an adult while other boys look on.

Would you like to mentor students or help judge in a regional science fair in the United States? GLOBE students from all over the United States are invited to work with their teachers, local GISN members, and US partnerships to engage in student research and submit projects to GLOBE for a regional science fair.
These science fairs will take place in six regions across the United States between April and June 2016. If you would like to participate in one of these events, or would like to learn more, please click here to indicate your interest or email Jen Bourgeault

GLOBE Partners, Teachers, Scientists: Please Complete Annual Survey by 31 January

Logo showing a pencil checking a box with the words "Take the Survey" above it.

This year, The GLOBE Program is inviting all GLOBE partners, scientists, and teachers to participate in the GLOBE Annual Survey. By broadening the reach of the survey, previously meant for partners only, the goal is to learn more about the needs of  alarger segment of the GLOBE community. Your feedback to questions, developed with the help of the Working Groups, provides the information GLOBE needs to better serve community members in the years ahead. The survey was distributed on 15 December 2015; please look for it in your email. 

Deadline for completing the survey is 31 January 2016. 

The Advanced Data Access Tool is Now Live!

A screen grab showing an online filter form.

The Advanced Data Access Tool, also known as ADAT, is now available! This tool allows you to find and retrieve GLOBE data using several different search parameters.  

Keep Up with Soil Moisture Field Campaign: Blogs, Webinars, New Instructional Video

A screen grab of a video player showing someone pouring water into a can.

Keep up with the latest on the Soil Moisture Field Campaign (which runs from 01 October 2015 through 30 April 2016), including past webinars, blogs, and the information necessary to help you collect soil moisture measurements (using the SMAP Block Pattern Soil Moisture Protocol), as well as a new protocol instructional video.

Put the date of the next webinar, "1 Year of the SMAP Mission and Global Shout-Outs to all the GLOBE Schools/Teams Collecting SMAP Soil Moisture Data" on your calendar: 02 February 2016 at 4:00 p.m. EST (9:00 p.m. UTC). You can register here

Upcoming 2015 GLOBE Teacher Training Workshops 

A map of the world with pins pointing out various locations.

Upcoming GLOBE teacher training workshops include:

  • Rehovot, Israel (Pisga Rehovot): 06 October 2015 - 23 March 2016 (open to all teachers)
  • Cologne, Germany (University of Cologne): 30 October 2015 - 12 February 2016 (restricted to teachers in the region)
  • New Hampton, New Hampshire, USA (New Hampton School): 18 November - 01 July 2016 (restricted to teachers in the region)
  • Okinawa, Japan (Kadena High School): 05 December 2015 - 09 January 2016 (open to all teachers)
  • Durant, Texas, USA (Southeastern): 11 January - 02 May 2016 (restricted to teachers in the region)
  • Chiang Rai, Thailand (Mae Fah Luang University): 17-23 January 2016 (open to all teachers)
  • Cologne, Germany (University of Cologne): 23 January 2016 (potential restricted attendance)
  • Nairobi, Kenya (KMD/IMTR Training Centre): 25-27 January 2016 (restricted to teachers in the region)
  • Cologne, Germany (University of Cologne): 30 January 2016 (potential restricted attendance)
  • Cologne, Germany (University of Cologne): 13 February 2016 (potential restricted attendance)
  • Mitchell, South Dakota, USA (Mitchell High School): 15 March 2016 (open to all teachers)
  • Wayne, Michigan, USA (Wayne RESA): 15 March 2016 (potential restricted attendance)
  • Wayne, Michigan, USA (Wayne RESA): 23 March 2016 (open to all teachers)


Congratulations to the six GLOBE countries celebrating anniversaries of successful GLOBE implementation during the month of January:

Philippines  - 17 years
14 January 1999

Italy - 19 years
21 January 1997

Latvia - 18 years
27 January 1998

Fiji - 19 years
28 January 1997

Moldova - 21 years
30 January 1995

Palau - 19 years
30 January 1997

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