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July Tech Update: New Features and Improvements to GLOBE Systems

A large number of system and security upgrades have been made to GLOBE tech over the past month along with the addition of some new features on the horizon. 

In late June, updates were made to the GLOBE Observer app, including:

  • The addition of a notification alarm that appears on the home page when you reach a new milestone or you extend your longest streak; if you haven’t seen it yet, try GLOBE Observer and look at the My Achievements part of the app to track how many measurements you’ve made and what your longest streak is
  • A small change to the new site-creation process to clarify how to create a new site to track your measurements
  • The addition of nearly 30,000 new genus and species names, so those doing biometry measurements can find the trees they are identifying

In total, almost 60 changes were made to GLOBE Observer—both large and small.
A new eTraining support area is in progress and will be ready in time for this year’s Annual Meeting. We hope it will make it easier for everyone to complete their eTraining as they work to become GLOBE protocol certified. 

The new desktop data entry forms will be changing, so when you are logged in to the website you will remain logged in when you connect to the new data entry forms.

As always—let us know about how the changes are working for you and if there’s something we can do to better support you!

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office