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Participant Info Forms for Annual Partner Meeting



Register now for the 17th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting that will take place from 12-16 August 2013. Reunite with colleagues from around the world and add the latest innovations in teaching to your professional portfolio. A welcome reception will be held on Sunday, 11 August. Meeting sessions begin on Monday, 12 August.

For an update agenda, go here.

Part of the GLOBE protocol trainings and facilities tour will take place at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.  For entry into this facility, all GLOBE Annual Meeting participants —U.S. and international— are required to complete a NASA Visitor Information Form. Because of the high level of security, there will be no exceptions.

International Visitor Information Form must be completed by 24 June.

Sign in to the Annual Meeting registration page and go to Terms and Conditions on the Check Out page, where you will find this form. Accompanying the Visitor Information Form, international visitors must also send:

  • A legible copy of your passport
  • A copy of your visa  (If you are required to have one)


U.S. Citizen Information Form must be submitted by 1 July.

To register and obtain the U.S. Citizen Information Form, go to the Annual Meeting registration page.  Under Terms and Conditions on the Check Out page, you will find this form.

U.S. citizens must also send:

  • A copy of passport or valid driver's license


Some of you––for funding or other reasons––may not know if you will attend the meeting. We urge you to complete and send the form in regardless––just to be sure that you are eligible to participate in events at the NASA facility. If you are not registering for the meeting at this time, you can download the form located toward the bottom of the page here.

Everyone attending the meeting––every partner, teacher, scientist, student selected to be part of the Student Research Exhibition (who will be notified by 14 June), family member, etc.–– is required to fill out a Visitor Information Form.

Send all forms, and any questions you may have, to Todd Toth, 17th GLOBE Annual Partner Meeting Chair, at



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