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Today (02 May) Phase III ENSO Campaign SODA Webinar #6: “Water Quality After Hurricane Maria – Live from Puerto Rico”

Photo of Hurricane Maria

NASA measures Hurricane Maria's torrential rainfall, sees eye re-open

The next Phase III GLOBE ENSO (El Niño Southern Oscillation) Student Research Campaign SODA (Short Observation and Data Analysis) webinar will be held on Wednesday, 02 May at 11:00 a.m. EDT (3:00 p.m. UTC): “Water Quality After Hurricane Maria: Live From Puerto Rico.”

During the webinar, participants will consider the topic, “Evaluating Bacteria Levels in Filtered Water after Hurricane Maria Devastated Puerto Rico.” The student presenters for this will be “Team Waterbenders” – Elisa Torres-Yeckley, Giovanishka Gonzales, and Kaymarie Jimenez (Teacher: Richard Roettger). Participants will also consider the topic “Improving the Drinking Water Quality after Hurricane Maria Using National Resources.” The student presenters for this will be “Team Aqarico” -- Bria Roettger, Kailey Aponte, and Janeliz Guzman (Teacher: Ingrid Rapatz-Roettger).

To join this webinar, click here.  

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How SODA webinars work:

  • Introduction of featured teacher, students, and school 
  • Presentation by featured teacher and/or students 
  • Chosen Phase III Guiding Investigative Question(s)
  • How the question was explored (dates of data collection)
  • Ideas for potential collaboration
  • Collaboration and discussion time 

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