Ready for the 21 August Solar Eclipse? Download Free GLOBE Observer App and Participate in Unique Citizen Science Experiment!

GLOBE Observer App

Are you getting ready for the solar eclipse (21 August) in the U.S. (and parts of Canada and Mexico)? Then download the free GLOBE Observer App, which lets you take measurements of the clouds and the air temperature – and begin participating in this unique experiment today!

How Cool is the Eclipse? Join the Experiment and Find Out!

The Earth is solar-powered. What happens when the sun’s light is blocked, even temporarily?

If you measure air and surface temperature, how cool is the eclipse? You can be part of a national experiment to find out how cold the moon’s shadow will get during the 21 August solar eclipse by becoming a citizen scientist with GLOBE Observer.

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon blocks light from the Sun. Without sunlight, temperatures drop and weather conditions, like cloudiness, may change. The experiment will measure just how an eclipse changes weather as the shadow moves across North America.

Before the eclipse:

During the eclipse:

  • Set up, or hang, your thermometer in a shaded area.
  • WEAR eclipse glasses when looking at the Sun (for more information, visit:
  • Record temperature every 05–10 minutes in the GLOBE Observer Eclipse app, starting when the eclipse begins (first contact) and finishing when the Sun is completely uncovered (last contact). (The app will tell you when to start and when to enter the temperature.)
  • Use the app to record and photograph clouds every 15–30 minutes or as you notice changes.

Why participate? Because your data will improve our understanding of how solar energy is absorbed and reflected in Earth’s atmosphere. We need the help of citizen scientists to collect data over the entire area experiencing the eclipse, whether total or partial. Join the experiment today and let’s find out how cold an eclipse can get!

Start practicing your cloud observations now – app air temperature data collection functioning will become active on August 18! (As soon as the eclipse part of the app is released, it will automatically update in GLOBE Observer, so go ahead and download the app now, then check back soon to see all the details about how to make observations.)

Safely enjoy the solar eclipse and participate in this unique experiment!

News origin: GLOBE Implementation Office


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