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“One Student-One Tree” Initiative Encourages Community Awareness

Slide from 20 September webinar showing three GLOBE students and the words "Thank You"
On 01 September 2021, the “One Student-One Tree” initiative took center stage at the Winfield High School in Khammam, Telangana, India. On 20 September, a webinar focused on this initiative took place, with 93 participants from eight countries in GLOBE’s Asia and Pacific Region.

Slide from 20 September webinar, showing three students measuring a tree

This initiative is under the “Plant a Tree Challenge” of The Globe Program’s idea for a green and healthy environment. Mission 'One Student-One Tree' is a city-wide program with an ambitious goal: to plant and care for 25,000 new trees across the city by the end of 2021,” said Dr. Desh Bandhu (Coordinator, Asia and Pacific Regional Coordination Office).

Slide from 20 September webinar, showing photos of the researchers involved

Slide from 20 September webinar, showing the research question "Do the number of trees near the temples and schools affect the number of mosquito larvae?"

“In the last 5 years, 6,000 trees were hewed across the Khammam district, and we lost 26 square kilometers of forest cover. By planting 25,000 thousand trees, Khammam City can increase greenery.”

“The campaign focus is not only on planting the trees, but to adopt them as well, and to maintain the old ones we have. To make the community aware of the importance of trees and land Cover, we are encouraging individuals, voluntary organizations, and community leaders to participate in the Trees Around the GLOBE Campaign.”

Slide from the 20 September webinar, showing three different photos of GLOBE students planting and caring for trees

“The campaign provides the opportunity to GLOBE students to learn about land cover and to focus on the environment in their local areas in order to understand the larger picture of how our planet is changing over time.”

“The campaign also focuses on tree height, with a close relationship with land cover, greenings, carbon cycle, soil, and precipitation. Students are gathering data and using this data to develop research projects which, in turn, helps them to help the community to determine which trees to plant.”

Slide from the 20 September webinar listing the reasons why trees are so important


“The participants have a better understanding of GLOBE land Cover protocol. participants will learn how to use science, data, and online tools in the development of student research projects. Students participating in campaign can collaborate with other GLOBE schools from around the world to strengthen their research experience and share ideas. They also will present their measurements and research at a future campaign webinar in the Asia and Pacific Region,” Dr. Bandhu said.



Star Story submitted by GLOBE Country Coordinator, Dr. Desh Bandhu, Coordinator, Regional Coordination Office.