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GLOBE Star of Argentina, Earthday 1998

GLOBE schools in Argentina celebrated Earth Day with a special guest, Dr. John Francis. A U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and a partner in the GLOBE Program, Dr. Francis has been walking throughout South America to talk with school children about the environment. A special ceremony was held at the Lincoln School, which will soon be joining GLOBE, and attended by students representing all six of the GLOBE schools in Argentina.

Dr. Francis spoke about his journey and how young people can make a difference in the world. He was especially touched by the students efforts to make him feel at home by singing the Star Spangled Banner and raising an American flag. Speeches were also made by Gloria J. Doll, Superientendent of Asociacion Escuelas Lincoln and by Prof Maria Carmen Galloni, GLOBE Country Coordinator for Argentina.

The GLOBE students and Dr. Francis also took a nature hike together through the San Isidro Nature Reserve and planted a tree.

13 May 1998