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GLOBE ONE Students Take Action!

When the fifth grade Kittrell Elementary School students went to the weather box to record their data one Monday morning in April, they found the weather box had been damaged and their new digital thermometer had been stolen. They were very upset, because they had been faithfully recording their data all winter. Now, just as they were planning to compare bud burst with temperatures, they had lost an important piece of equipment.

They decided to take action. Without telling their GLOBE teacher, they wrote a letter to the local newspaper, asking for help in finding the vandals. Their letter was so heartfelt, the community responded. The calls began the day following the publication of their letter, and they came from former Kittrell families, a nephew of a former teacher, a man who built GLOBE weather boxes, and the local TV station. Students received enough money to build a fence around their weather box to further prevent vandalism. They were most excited, though, by a visit to their weather box site by a popular TV weatherman, Mark Schnackenberg. He was so impressed with their dedication to studying the weather, he presented them with a check to replace the thermometer and rebuild the box.

Although the vandalism to the weather box was unfortunate, the Kittrell GLOBE students learned how much support for their project they have in the community, and they now know there are more good people who are kind and giving than there are those who wish to destroy the property of others.

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04 June 2004