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GLOBE Atmosphere, Cloud, and Soil Protocols Used in Qatar Training

A training course on Atmosphere, Cloud, and Soil protocols was held for science teachers in a number of Qatar schools for primary students in late October/early November. The Qatar Ministry of Education hosted the theoretical aspect, where the importance of The GLOBE Program and the role of students and citizens in helping scientists around the world was demonstrated. Participants learned about studying the changes occurring in the atmosphere and their impact on the Earth and via Global Warming. The most important tools used were also identified and presented to the attendees.

During the training, the types of clouds were explained, along with how to identify them, how to determine their height and how to label them. During the same period, the Soil Protocol was explained and how it was studied in terms of color and the content of rocks, roots and carbonates. PH and temperature were discussed as well.

On the last day, the practical training was conducted in a nature reserve on using The GLOBE program's app, GLOBE Observer. Participants did sample collection protocol procedures, measured soil acidity, and learned about the most important protocols that take place in the field with their students.

Ibrahim Abdul Nabi Alsayegh, GLOBE Mentor Trainer said, "The importance of the course for me is that it demonstrates the activity I carry out in spreading awareness and a culture of concern for the environment and helping scientists in their studies related to the Earth and how to deal with the phenomenon of global warming... Being a Mentor Trainer is important in caring for the environment and the Earth planet, and explaining this to the community." Alsayegh has a prominent role in conveying his experiences to students and citizens, explaining the importance of preserving the environment, and assisting scientists in their research and studies by following up, monitoring, and submitting data.

Images courtesy Ibrahim Abdul Nabi Alsayegh, GLOBE Kuwait Mentor Trainer.