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Spanish Translation and Online Training Covering GLOBE Protocols Allows LAC Region to Promote Collaboration and “Break Geographic Barriers”

Juan Andres Flores, Uruguay, participating in the online course training in October 2018.

A three-year effort, led by Uruguay Country Coordinator Andrea Ventoso, focused on translating GLOBE protocols and presenting online Earth sphere module training to teachers familiar with, and new to, GLOBE, has allowed community members in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region to “break geographic barriers,” even as the world plunged into new “virtual” pathways due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2017, Uruguay began developing the first online GLOBE course covering GLOBE atmosphere protocols. The translation and training effort successfully used the platform Educantel, from within the National Telecommunications Agency.

Argentina Country Coordinator Marta Kingsland and Perú Country Coordinator José Martín Cárdenas were intrigued with the scientific, educational, and collaborative opportunities made possible by the online training, and asked Uruguay to join their efforts to train teachers in their countries.

Argentina selected to focus on GLOBE hydrosphere protocols. Fifty-nine teachers registered for the training. Fourteen teachers completed the entire course, which was facilitated by Marta Kingsland and María Marta Daneri (both Master Trainers).

Perú opted to focus on GLOBE atmosphere protocols. Master Trainer José Martín Cárdenas co-facilitated the training with Uruguay Master Trainer Andrea Ventoso. Seventy-one teachers registered for the course. Twenty-eight teachers completed the course, and either developed a project or presented a class session for their schools.

Participants in the online atmosphere training in Uruguay, July 2018.

In 2018, Uruguay held its third training endeavor, focusing on GLOBE atmosphere protocols. Master Trainer José Martín Cárdenas co-facilitated the training with Uruguay Master Trainer Andrea Ventoso. Seventy-three teachers registered for the course. The course concluded on 23 April, at the same time as the Argentinian course – in an effort to help celebrate Earth Day. “It was a wonderful motive,” Ventoso said.

By November 2019, Uruguay had implemented the first course covering biosphere. Claudia Caro Vera (Biologist and Master Trainer) led the training, with Andrea Ventoso’s support and organization. “I invited Claudia to come to Uruguay and have a whole day journey applying the biosphere protocols and activities in the Prado of Montevideo,” Ventoso said. “The Regional Coordinator Office and the Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment collaborated with the expenses of this trip.”

“The course was so good, and the participants were so pleased with it, that Martín Cárdenas asked us to replay it for Perú in March 2020. So we did, with the same team of tutors and adding Martin to coordinate it in Perú. In this case, there was no practice day due to the fact that the COVID pandemic had started and sanitary restrictions were applied in Perú,” Ventoso said.  

“At the same time, a course for teachers covering atmosphere was applied in Argentina and coordinated by the Country Coordinator team,” Ventoso said.

Participants of the online hydrosphere training, Uruguay, October 2018.

“These online courses have contributed toward replacing face-to face workshops that are not possible to implement since March 2020,” Ventoso said. “Our next plans are the launching of the pedosphere investigation area in Spanish on the platform. We welcome others who want to join!”

Participants of online hydrosphere training, Uruguay, October 2018.

"For Argentine´s teachers,” Marta Kingsland said, “it was a great experience, and some of them are asking us when we are going to offer another GLOBE program investigation area. Thank you to Andrea and all her team for providing us with this online platform."

“Our experience of work with GLOBE Uruguay was excellent,” José Martín Cárdenas said. “This allows us to break geographic barriers, get to know each other, and reach more people interested in GLOBE. Thanks to Andrea Ventoso for her leadership and professionalism."

“We are convinced,” Ventoso said, “that promotion of the collaboration links in the region are one of the GLOBE premises and contribute to strengthen the relationships among coordinators, trainers, and teachers – and promote the region as a whole.”

Screenshot of the online modules in Spanish, implemented in Uruguay, 2017-2020.



This Star Story was contributed by Andrea Ventoso (Uruguay Country Coordinator), Marta Kingsland (Argentina Country Coordinator), and José Martín Cárdenas (Peru Country Coordinator)