Stars and STEM Stories


GLOBE Stars in Australia
The GLOBE Program in Australia is taking full advantage of both print and electronic media to keep up with the more than 200 schools now participating in GLOBE. With this strong support at the national level, Australian students have reported more than 94,000 measurements in atmosphere, land cover/biology, soils, and hydrology.  >>
GLOBE Stars in New York
From the stately halls of the United Nations Building in downtown New York City to the backwoods of rural New York State, GLOBE Teachers Patsy Cicala and Wayne Gilchrest are working with hundreds of students to expand global and local knowledge about the Earth's environment.  >>
Liceo Scientifico Majorana, Moncalieri, Italy
Demonstrating the multi-disciplinary nature of the GLOBE Program, teachers at the Liceo Scientifico Majorana school in Italy have incorporated GLOBE into physics, science, philosophy and foreign language classes. Under the energetic guidance of GLOBE teacher Giovanni Imbalzano, the school has also incorporated GLOBE into a science project for disabled students.  >>
GLOBE Stars in the Czech Republic
Using the art of photography, the GLOBE Program in the Czech Republic is reaching out to expand community awareness of their activities. An exhibition of photographs taken at the 1998 GLOBE Learning Expedition (GLE) by renowned Czech photographer Roman Sejkot opened at the Hotel Renaissance in Prague last November and will soon travel throughout the country.  >>
GLOBE Stars: Kingsburg High School, CA United States and Utajarven Ylaaste School, Utajarvi, Finland
GLOBE students, teachers and scientists know that one of the most enjoyable and important aspects of The GLOBE Program is the ability to communicate easily with other GLOBE participants around the world. Often, these communications lead to long-lasting connections, like the relationship enjoyed by GLOBE schools in Kingsburg, CA, and Utajdrvi, Finland.  >>
Escuela Provincial No. 38 Julio Argentina Roca, an Argentine-hosted GLOBE School in Antarctica, Esperanza, Argentina
Working on fields of ice and snow under the watchful eye of a flock of penguins, students in Antarctica are working hard to keep scientists updated on environmental conditions near the South Pole. A dozen students, whose Argentine parents work at a science observation site at the southern tip of the planet, attend the "Escuela N38" performing GLOBE protocols under the guidance of teacher Luis Alberto Brusasca.  >>
GLOBE Star in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Cooperation among GLOBE schools is flourishing both globally and, in some cases, locally! In West Chester, Pennsylvania, GLOBE students of different grade levels and even different schools have found that working together is a very effective way to carry out protocols and learn scientific concepts.  >>
Norwood School, Bethesda, MD, United States
GLOBE students at the Norwood School in Bethesda, Maryland, are sharing more than data. These hard-working students are also sharing the proceeds from a school fundraiser to help the Tsitsiboga Public School in Carltonville, South Africa, acquire an instrument set for conducting their GLOBE protocols.  >>
Enon kirkonkylan ala-aste, Eno, Finland
A special partnership between GLOBE students in Finland and South Africa is demonstrating both the scientific and educational benefits of the GLOBE Program worldwide. Their partners in Eno, Finland, at the Enon kirkonkylan ala-aste, have been consistently reporting GLOBE data since fall 1995. According to GLOBE Teacher Mika Vanhanen, his students have a special interest in sharing data and collaborating with GLOBE students worldwide.  >>
Groot Brakrivier Secondary School, Groot Brakrivier, South Africa
A special partnership between GLOBE students in Finland and South Africa is demonstrating both the scientific and educational benefits of the GLOBE Program worldwide. The Groot Brakrivier Secondary School of South Africa initiated their GLOBE Program as an extra-curricular activity with over 150 students and two trained GLOBE teachers.  >>