Thailand Enhances GLOBE Student Research Experience with Earth System Science Projects
The GLOBE Program in Thailand is currently working to implement Earth System Science (ESS) curriculum in as many schools as possible. GLOBE Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs) focus on student research experiences that explore and learn about Earth through a network of students, teachers, and scientists. The goal is to encourage collaboration between these entities in the integration of ESS research. ESSPs are grounded in real science embedded in an inquiry-based, collaborative approach. The GLOBE Thailand team has arranged workshops across the country to aid universities in developing networks to integrate scientific inquiry and research based ESS curriculum into schools nationwide in the 2010-2011 school year.  >>

Tradition is Born from Environmental Sensibility and Star Gazing in Macedonia
The Orde Chopela High School in Prilep is an incredibly active GLOBE school in the Republic of Macedonia. Since joining GLOBE in 2005, Orde Chopela High School has achieved significant successes at both national and international levels. Teachers promote GLOBE intensively among students, which resulted in the signing of a memorandum for cooperation between two high schools from Croatia and Bulgaria and the start of several collaborative GLOBE projects between the new cooperating countries. This school celebrates GLOBE annually on the anniversary of its inception, and also participates in research projects and campaigns, such as GLOBE at Night (G@N).  >>

Goat Rescued from Sinkhole Inspires GLOBE Student Research in Ohio
One afternoon, Donna Shepherd, GLOBE Partner with the Technology Resource Facilitator for Ohio Valley Schools in Adams Country, was searching for a missing young goat on her farm when she discovered that the goat had fallen down into a hole just large enough that his head was still partially visible. Thankfully, Donna and a friend were able to rescue the goat, but the situation provoked curious thoughts regarding the abundance of sinkholes in the area. Adams County in the Niagara Escarpment of southwestern Ohio is one of the most significant karst regions in Ohio, and includes the largest number of surveyed caves, and estimated second-largest number of recorded sinkholes.  >>

Finland Students Observe Oxygen Levels in Lakes Palokkajärvi and Tuomiojärvi
GLOBE students and teachers at Palokka School in Finland closely monitor and gather data measurements of their schools neighboring Lake Palokkajärvi, a small lake in Central Finland. The school was constructed in 1977 alongside the lake, and students from several surrounding areas commute to the middle school; with roughly 50 educators teaching grades 7-9 and 550 students. Lake Palokkajärvi provides the opportunity for Palokka Finnish students to study and research the importance of the environment through GLOBE.  >>

World Water Day at Safir High School in Lebanon
Safir High School in Saida, Lebanon organizes an annual Environmental Science Project aimed at teaching something new about the environment each year. Last year, students maintained a green house where they observed how climate affects the growth of flowers and vegetables. This year, under the guidance of GLOBE Teacher Mrs. Majida Khalifeh, Safir students utilized GLOBE Hydrology Protocols and resources to demonstrate the importance of water. Ocean waters cover nearly 71 percent of Earth's surface and are essential to the survival of all living organisms.  >>

GLOBE Latvia Increases Student Enthusiasm with Music and Games
GLOBE Latvia is a close-knit community that grows and improves each and every year. The network is currently comprised of 19 schools, with 28 teachers, some of which have been with GLOBE since 1998. In addition to incorporating GLOBE Protocols into daily lessons, Latvian schools aim to periodically organize unique and fun educational events in order to spark student interest and maintain their attentiveness.  >>

Teachers in Udaipur, India, Receive Field-Based GLOBE Training
The Indian Environmental Society, along with the support of the Public Affair Section of American Embassy in New Delhi, organized a GLOBE Teacher Training Workshop in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Teachers from various schools across the state of Rajasthan participated in this program from 27-30 January 2011. Mr. R. Mehta, GLOBE India Country Coordinator, Dr. Desh Bandhu, Director of the Asia-Pacific GLOBE Regional Help Desk Office, Dr. R. K. Garg, Vice President of the Indian Environmental Society, and GLOBE Master Trainer Dr. Avinash Tiwari, trained teachers in Atmosphere, Hydrology, Land Cover, and Soil Protocols. Mr. Abhaya Kumar Tripathy, from the Asia-Pacific GLOBE Regional Help Desk Office, and Dr. (Mrs.) Annu Mathur, from MGD Girls School of Jaipur, Rajasthan, strengthened the event as the assistant trainers for the Atmosphere Protocols.  >>

University Students Use GLOBE Data to Carry Out Climate Research
Second year meteorology students from Peru's National Agrarian University in La Molina carried out a research project concerning the latitudinal variation of the Earth's air temperature using data from GLOBE Schools located in different parts of the world. This research was conducted by students with the guidance of GLOBE Teacher and Master Trainer Claudia Caro Vera. Students used data gathered from schools located in countries along tropical, subtropical, and polar latitudes to analyze the variation of air temperature over a 15 year period, considering two lengths for each latitude demarcated by the Greenwich Meridian. In addition, this research provided an opportunity to examine the considerable amount of data taken by GLOBE Schools in different regions throughout the world.  >>

GLOBE Estonia Brainstorms New Teaching Methods at Seasons and Biomes Workshop
On 10-13 March 2011, GLOBE Teachers, Trainers and Scientists from Belgium, Estonia, Switzerland, and the United States met in Estonia for a four-day Seasons and Biomes workshop. The organizing team consisted of Dr. Elena Sparrow, PI of the ESSP Seasons and Biomes project as well as the Alaska UAF GLOBE Partner Coordinator, Ms. Martha Kopplin, Project Coordinator for the Seasons and Biomes project and GLOBE Trainer, and GLOBE Scientist Mr. Bill Kopplin. The workshop took place at the Kubija Hotell located in a secluded pine forest not far from the town of Võru, in southeastern Estonia. Approximately 45 teachers attended from all over the country, as well as two GLOBE Trainers from Switzerland and three from Belgium. The United States Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia, provided assistance, as did the Estonia GLOBE Partnership and the ESSP Seasons and Biomes project.  >>

GLOBE Research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Expands
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the 99th GLOBE Country on 30 September 2002 when former Saudi Minister of Education, Dr. Mohammad A. AL Rasheed, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Patricia de Stacy Harrison, signed the official GLOBE bilateral agreement in Washington D.C. Over the past nine years, schools in Saudi Arabia have made impressive accomplishments through their GLOBE research, and Minister of Education His Highness Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud and Their Excellencies the Vice-Minister Mr. Faisal bin Abdulrahman bin Muammar, Mrs. Norah Al-Fayez, and Dr. Khalid Al-Sabti are working together to support teachers by providing high quality professional development activities ensuring GLOBE implementation continues in both the boys and girls sections of the Kingdom's educational system.  >>

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