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GLOBE Schools Team Up with the Smithsonian Institute to Study Effects of Climate Change
Our Lady of the Lake University, Crestview Elementary, and Carnahan Elementary are collaborating with local city government and the river authority to conduct GLOBE protocols measurements and report on atmospheric and land cover observations as part of a long-term study with the Smithsonian Institute's Tree Banding Project. Formally named "SHOUT," the tree-banding project is an educational outreach program that will collect the reported data over the next three to four years.  >>
Views from Space Help Decipher Hometown
Sometimes the view from faraway space gives you information you can't easily obtain by looking just two feet in front of you. That's what the fourth-grade GLOBE students at Kohlberg Elementary School found when they compared up-to-date satellite images with historical satellite images, maps, and stories of their town, El Paso, TX.  >>
Highly Decorated Teacher Credits GLOBE for Her Success
Edna Escudero Boggess's second-grade classroom at Cambridge Elementary school in San Antonio, Texas is festooned with the flora and fauna of a tropical jungle. A native of Puerto Rico, this GLOBE teacher uses the rain forest theme to help her students understand their lessons in environmental health and ecological diversity.  >>
Wainwright Elementary, El Paso, TX and Jamestown Elementary, Arlington, VA, US
If you were driving across the southern tier of the United States recently, you might have seen a young couple on a bright red bicycle built for two festooned with yellow gear bags peddling from Santa Barbara, California to Arlington, Virginia.  >>
Nolan Middle School, Killeen, TX, United States
Eighth gradeGLOBE students at Nolan Middle School in Killeen, Texas, have already learned something all scientists appreciate: collaboration is a key to success. They have also come to appreciate that consistency and accuracy are important when sharing data.  >>
Pattison Elementary School, Katy, TX, United States
With support from parents and local businesses, fifth grade students at Pattison Elementary are successfully implementing GLOBE throughout their school. In recognition of the school's success in garnering parental support, the GLOBE program at Pattison was chosen to receive $500 from the Exxon Chemical Company's "Science Ambassador" program  >>