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Data explorations and visualizations.

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Surface Temperature Campaign If you collected surface temperature data as part of the Surface Temperature Urban Heat Island Field Campaign, be sure to enter it into the GLOBE database by January 3 in order to receive your stipend. Thanks to Andrew Dempewolf, Lindsey Schilling, and Lisa Bahe for participating! Upcoming Stipend Opportunities Start planning now to participate in our upcoming...

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Stipend Opportunity Participate in the Surface Temperature Field Campaign Dec 1 - Dec 31 and receive a $50 stipend! Field campaigns are focused data collection events, coordinated in partnership with a scientist or agency, seeking very specific kinds of data. Every educator who enters a surface temperature data set* by Dec 31, 2016 will receive a $50 stipend. Surface temperature is a simple...

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Hello SD GLOBE! You have a few days remaining to participate in October's Earth Science Challenge. Collect and report data twice during the month of October and you will receive a $100 stipend. Congratulations so far to Julie Olson and Lisa Bahe for completing the challenge! Lisa wrote:  ​We were able to get out and get a site picked....  Kids did much better the second day and it...

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