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2021 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

The canopy of trees and soil moisture


The age of the red ant nest and the temperature and relative humidity inside the red ant nest


Factors affecting the growth of Trentepohlia algae. In Tadwimanthip waterfall


Temperature and relative humidity influencing of laying eggs of ants


The study of the percentage of canopy thickness in winter with soil cover crops and number of typs of cover


To compare the macronutrients (NPK) of the rubber forest. Planted and Original Forest in Bueng Khong Long Wittayakhom School


A study the relationship between the percentage of tree canopy and the effect of relative humidity


A survey of the relationship between air temperature and the types and density of cloud at the BuengKhongLong Witthayakhom School


Subject of study and survey of mosquitoes in closed sewer areas. And an open drain


Observing and water exploration, Spirogyra was found. Rim the dam, the water rim of Bueng Khong Long


To comparison and the number of Mosquito larva in Agricultural plots : the rubber plantation, double-crop field, and agricultural plots.