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Task 2

Nataliya Vol'nova, modified 1 Year ago.
Padawan Posts: 19 Join Date: 3/2/18 Recent Posts
Hi to all! Although we cannot work together now, we are constantly communicating via mobile and online. The buds on the cherry and the shore we are watching are still at rest. This may be due to the fact that we still have cold nights at night. Students make their observations without leaving their homes, looking out the window through the trees.
Marcy Seavey, modified 1 Year ago.
Jedi Knight Posts: 69 Join Date: 3/30/12 Recent Posts

My current preserve educator students live in areas where they are allowed to go outside and use parks as long as they maintain distance and don't use park equipment.  They are collecting Cloud Data using the Observer App as a part of their class.  On Friday, I noticed some data near us that wasn't reported by one of my students.  It is a local school that has been involved in GLOBE for many years.  Not all of their students have internet access, but some of those who can have started a cloud group to maintain data collection while they are not at school!  Their teacher shared about their project and I shared about our project. My students will be able to use their data.


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