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2020 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Study the water quality of dug ponds for fish farming and using the water from the pond as an electrolyte to invent a lure insect's device with water evaporation prevention

  2019 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

The study of plant pot product made by Legumes leaves to nursery the Bird Chili (Capsicum frutescens Linn.)

The study of behavioral factors of people in DonChan district community Affecting Dengue fever outbreak.

The use of egg shells and shells of the golden applesnail to increase growth and yield of peanuts

2018 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Study of water quality from water sources supporting agricultural areas and use some floating plants to improve water quality.

Study on risk of dengue outbreak in Don Chan district To motto a device to cut out the mosquito life cycle

The study of the water level management model that affect the growth and quality of rice Chainat 1

Water Dispenser Kit Mimic the rain

2017 GLOBE International Virtual Science Symposium

Investigation of drought resistance combined with moisture absorbance from agriculture waste on Chainat1 rice variety growth.