L2R Expectations


My expectations for the Learning to Research project and the summer institute is to gain knowledge on incorporating Climate Change into a Math Curriculum.  Climate Change is a very in depth topic and working in the Globe program previously aligned the topics with the science strands only.  We are encouraged to cross-curriculum and it would be great to see how the subject can be incorporated into other areas besides science.  It especially helps when we work with other teachers to team teach.

In addition to cross-curriculum, I expect to gain knowledge on how technology can be used to focus research on Climate Change when you have limited resources.  Working in an urban community, we do not have a lot of materials available and incorporating technology, at times, can be difficult.  I would like to gain knowledge on the types of technology that is or can be used by students.

Resources are also what I expect to learn more about.  It is difficult to find credible resources when searching the topic of Climate Change or any other subject for that matter.  I am apprehensive to trust a resource, especially websites, which have not previously been researched or recommended.  When a teacher is well equipped with material, it is easier to create a curriculum or lesson that is engaging for students.  

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It has been tremendous honor and opportunity to collaborate with you this week. The project you are developing with Jermaine will be a great opportunity for your students to develop a hands-on understanding of the scientific inquiry process using a problem that is important to them. I look forward to the chance to work cooperatively with you and your students as they begin their research. This will be a tremendous opportunity for our students to create new friendships and to create a cross-district learning community.