L2R Summer Institute - What did I get?

From Learning to Research Summer Institute was a great opportunity for me.  It helped me collaborate with teachers I would never get the opportunity to connect with on a regular basis.  It allowed me to see that I have the same experiences as many other teachers.  In addition, it reminded me how special you have to be in order to teach.  Many of my fellow collegues struggle with the constraints of the teaching world but because they care for their students, they make it work.  You definitely have to have a calling to do what we do and I met some really great people who are serving their community proudly.

I surprisingly learned that I am interested in going back to school.  During the L2R Summer Institute, I was able to learn new things.  It provoked my interest in learning again.  I forgot how much joy I got out of gaining new knowledge and I thank GLOBE for giving me the opportunity to enjoy learning again.  

I appreciate the GLOBE staff as well.  They had so many people to deal with and they were extremely accomadating.  GLOBE should be proud to have folks like Julie and Dawn be apart of their staff.  

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That is really inspiring, Christina! I second your comments about Julie and Dawn and the rest of the L2R staff. Like you, I also enjoyed making new connections with other committed, skilled and enthusiastic teachers. I've found a renewed commitment to inquiry-based science teaching. Being at L2R reminded me of skills that I have, but that I have allowed to become dormant over the last few years. Now,I can't wait to show my students what I did over my summer vacation and get them started acting like scientists.