The GIAC is an advisory body organized exclusively for the GLOBE Program. Formed in 2006, the purpose of this advisory body is to provide GLOBE Regional Consortia a formal mechanism for community input in the overall implementation, enhancement, and sustainability of the GLOBE Program. The GIAC provides advice to the GLOBE Program Office (GPO) management team in order to assist the GPO in making progress toward program goals including student-teacher-scientist partnerships, regionalization, and issues surrounding programmatic sustainability around the world. The GIAC is an advisory committee and does not hold binding authority or fiduciary responsibility for activities of the GPO. GIAC is governed by a Charter, revised in July 2011.

GIAC Members

Contact information is available for each GIAC member on their respective partner contact pages. Additional information regarding regional governance and alternate representatives are listed on their respective region pages.

Africa (22 countries)

Mr. Mark Brettenny

Mr. Mark Brettenny
February, 2008-2013 South Africa
GIAC Chair 2010-2013

  • Alternate GIAC:  Dr. Mekuria Argaw Ethiopia




Asia and Pacific (16 countries)

Mr. Binod Shrestha
January, 2012-2013 Nepal






Europe and Eurasia (41 countries)

Mr. Karl Torstein Hetland

Mr. Karl Torstein Hetland
June, 2012-2014 Norway


  • Alternate GIAC: Mr. Matthijs Begheyn Netherlands

Latin America and Caribbean (18 countries)

Mr. Godfrey Burnside
2013-2015 Bahamas


  • Alternate GIAC: Mr. Roberto QuirĂ³s Araya Costa Rica





Near East and North Africa (13 countries)

Mrs. Norah Ibrahim Al Nasser
January, 2012-2013 Saudi Arabia 






North America (2 countries)

Ms. Lynne Hehr
January, 2012-2013 Arkansas, USA


  • Alternate GIAC: Dr. Jerry Cobbs Alabama
    (In-coming GIAC Representative: 2014-2015)




Past GIAC Members



  • Mrs. Margaret Besong, 2006-2008, Cameroon

Asia and Pacific

  • Mr. Rajinder Mehta, 2006-2011 (Past GIAC Chair, 2008-2010), India

Europe and Eurasia

Latin America and Caribbean

  • Lic. Andrea Ventoso, 2010 - 2012, Uruguay
  • Prof. Maria del Carmen Galloni, 2006-2010, Argentina

Near East and North Africa

  • Mrs. Zakeya Ahmed Ali Zada, 2006-2011 (Past GIAC Chair, 2006-2008), Bahrain

North America

  • Ms. Marsha Willis, 2010-2011, Texas
  • Dr. Paul Ruscher, 2008-2009, Florida
  • Dr. Michael Odell, 2006-2007 (Past Alternate GIAC Chair), Texas