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FAQ: Accounts and Training

Below are answers to some common questions about  GLOBE accounts and training:

Important: For more information about using the GLOBE website, review GLOBE’s Website Tutorials.


In the United States: 
U.S. users are assigned a "My Page" once their account has been approved but are unable post content to the MyPage until they have been trained. This training can be either online or through a workshop.

Outside the United States: 
Users outside of the U.S. are not assigned a "My Page" until their account has been approved and they have been trained either online or through a workshop.

Note: If your request for an account is has not been approved for more than two weeks, email for assistance.

Users are not allowed to join and participate in a community until their account has been approved. 

In the United States: 
Users with an approved GLOBE Educator account can find a student account creation option on their "My Page."

Outside the United States:
Users with an approved GLOBE Educator account and training can find a student account creation option on their "My Page."

In order to access the "My Page:"
  1. Make sure you are signed in.
  2. Select your name in the top-right corner.
  3. From the menu, select "My Page." You can set up student accounts directly from this page. 

Learn more about creating student accounts.

Student accounts allow your students to enter data and participate in forums. You will automatically be "friends" with your students, so any forum post that they write will show up on your "My Page" collaboration tab as a "Friend Activity." Student posts will always say they were posted by "Student of [Teacher Name].'" Do not give students your account log-in details, as it may allow them to make greater changes or interact more than you intended.

You can upload reports on the Student Research Reports page.

All forums have a "Flag as Inappropriate" feature that you can select. You may also email any concerns to

When logged in, click on your profile image in the top-right corner of the browser window and select "Account Settings." This account area lets you change your email, your password and other information related to your GLOBE Account.

To add friends, you can visit their profile page and select "Add Friend." If they approve your friend request, they will show up as a friend on the “Collaboration” tab of your My Page.


On the GLOBE website:
First, make sure you are logged in to the GLOBE website. Additionally, you must have completed training in GLOBE's protocols before you are allowed to enter data. In order to verify that GLOBE has records of your completed training, and that you are able to enter data,
  1. click on the "Enter Data" button on the right side of the Homepage. On the "Data Entry" page, you will either be able to enter data, or you will see a message that indicates that you are required to complete a training.

On the GLOBE Program's app, GLOBE Observer: 
If you downloaded the app and then completed a GLOBE training afterwards, you must sign out and then sign back in to see the "Enter Data" button.

Visit the Get Trained page for details on registering and signing up for a workshop. 

If there is not an available workshop you are able to attend, contact your GLOBE partner(s), Country Coordinator or Regional Coordinator and ask about the schedule for the upcoming months. They may have a workshop in the planning stages, and you can help them with their plans by letting them know you would like to attend. In order to locate contact information, use the Partner and Country Coordinator Search Tool.

You can also browse for contact information. For those in the U.S., visit the U.S. homepage and scroll down to the desired state to find Partner information.

For other countries, visit the Country or Region page. On the Country or Region page, click on "Contact Information" for your Country Coordinator's information.

If you still can not find a workshop in your area, consider completing one of GLOBE's protocol eTraining modules. Completion of one of these online modules will grant you the same certification as a comparable in-person workshop course. 

Teachers can complete eTraining modules to become a GLOBE-trained teacher. For more information, visit Protocol eTraining.