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A/Prof. Alessandra Sutti and Environmental Engineer Stuart Robottom of Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, in collaboration with Labter-Crea Mantova, Globe Italy, Associazione GLOBE Italia and SCIENCEGROUND have created a video concerning the Protocol for the Monitoring of Microplastics in Surface Waters, such as seas, lakes, rivers and canals.

Clicking on the image or on the link below launches the video.

The protocol was tested at the Mantova Festivaletteratura (September 10-12, 2020) by teachers, students and citizens with positive feedback. But large-scale testing conducted by teachers, students, citizens and researchers is hoped for.

A gallery of images of Italian and Australian water samples was produced last summer by Deakin University and will soon be made available to students, teachers, researchers, citizens interested in investigating the spread of microplastics in the hydrosphere.

Some example of the images produced:


Mantova, Lower Lake


Pickering Point (ocean), Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia

The gallery can be of help in students 'and teachers' training.

For this it is proposed:

- a Zoom Meeting among the teachers of the schools of the GLOBE Europe-Eurasia Region for an in-depth presentation of the Protocol and the possible formation of a network of schools willing to test it;

- a Zoom Meeting with the GLOBE Science Group, for an in-depth discussion of the protocol.

Those interested can contact the proponents

A / Prof. Alessandra Sutti

Sandro Sutti               
Lorella Rigonat           

Sandro Sutti, Lorella Rigonat, Maria Pia Coceano
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