Urban Heat Island Observations – Please take observations in March

Spring is starting to spring in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere but not quite yet in others. The March observations period for the Urban Heat Island/Surface Temperature Student Research Campaign has started. Please take surface temperature observations in March to help out with the campaign. If you can, please take observations from two sites so you can compare the temperatures for them. One approach is to take observations from a grassy area and an asphalt area to compare.

Just a quick look at surface temperature data on the GLOBE visualization page shows the cold weather that is affecting Europe compared to the Eastern United States (Figure 1). The cold weather in Europe was called the “Beast from the East” by many news outlets. The reason for that is that the cold winds were blowing from Siberia in the east.

Figure 1. GLOBE surface temperature observation from Feb. 27, 2018.

This figure on shows why it is so cold in Europe. A high pressure system is centered over Scandinavia. With the winds going clockwise around the high, the winds are from the east. Also, there is a low pressure system, also known as a mid-latitude cyclone, off the coast of France that is bringing moisture over Great Britain. Parts of Great Britain may get 50 cm of snow.

Figure 2. Isobars and temperature from Note the high (H) over Scandinavia and low pressure south of Ireland.

Here are observations from December. 64 schools participated with over a 1000 observations.

School Name        Data Count

Al duqom basic school        1

Al Fisaliah Gifted School at Jeddah        31

Ali bin Abi Talib Secondary School at Jeddah        12

Al-Matan Intermediate and Secondary Girls School at Sabya        5

Ammar Bin Yasir basic school        3

As-Siddiq Secondary School at  Rejal Alma'a        31

Brazil Secondary School        21

Brookfield Middle School        38

Burapha University        1

Chartiers-Houston Jr./Sr. High School        30

Chia-Yi Girls senior high school        30

Crestwood High School        1

Dove Science Academy        39

Eagle Community School        2

East Dakota Water Development District        5

Faulkton Area School District        10

Flint Hill Elementary        8

Freeport High School        32

Gimnasio Kitiou        30

Haima basic school        3

Houjia Junior High School        21

Huntington High School (USWVBCAM)        119

Ibri basic School        3

IES Eusebio Barreto        24

III. osnovna skola Varazdin        13

Jackman Road Elementary        4

Ket'acik And Aapalluk Memorial School        2

Kg/ Tholangamuwa CC        31

Lake High School (GLIDMRO6)        11

Lakewood Catholic Academy        44

Larchmont Elementary        1

Licking Heights West        5

Liou-Guei Senior High School        33

Main Street Intermediate School        22

Medicinska Skola Varazdin        34

Melvin H. Kreps Middle School        5

Montague Elementary School        6

Mountain View School (GLIDPXRW)        8

National Kinmen Senior High School        13

National Magong High School        2

New Taipei Municipal Jin-Shan High School        14

OÅ  Ivana Filipovića Osijek        42

OS Ivana Kukuljevica        31

OS Sime Budinica        1

PEACE Schools Network        23

Prince of Songkla University Surat Thani Campus        1

Samad Basic School        3

Shiqaiq Intermediate Girls School at Sabya        2

Shumate Middle School        36

Skola Za Medicinske Sestre Vrapce        10

Srednja Å¡kola Braća Radić        5

Srinakharinwirot University        1

Srisawatwittayakarn School Nan        1

The 19th Secondary Girls School at Al-Madinah Al-Monawarah        52

The 3rd Secondary Girls School at Bish        16

The Affiliated Senior High school of NCU        2

The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology         3

The University Of Toledo        1

ubon ratchathani rajabhat university        1

University of Toledo GLOBE v-School        10

Waite High School        9

Walailak University        2

Webster Avenue Elementary School (GLIDP86R)        3

Zenska opca gimnazija Druzbe sestara milosrdnica s pravom javn.        27


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