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08/29/2019 - 12/31/2019
European Phenology Campaign - Autumn 2019
The Autumn Tree Observation campaign starts now! Join in and observe how your tree prepares for the winter sleep, upload your measurements into the GLOBE database, and enjoy meaningful time outdoors.  >>

08/05/2019 - 08/08/2019
2019 GLOBE Learning Expedition in Estonia
GLOBE Estonia invites international participants to the 2019 Learning Expedition. Registration is open till May 20th.  >>

05/30/2019 - 06/02/2019
GLOBE Games 2019 in the Czech Republic
We would like to invite teams of up to 6 students and 1 or 2 teachers to join GLOBE Games 2019. The event will take place 30th May to 2nd June 2019 in Kadan, Czech Republic.  >>

11/12/2018 - 11/16/2018
2018 GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting and Training
GLOBE Regional Meeting for Europe and Eurasia and Training for Trainers will be held on 12-16 November 2018 in Toulouse, France.  >>

11/06/2017 - 11/10/2017
GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Regional Meeting and Training for Trainers 2017 in Israel
On behalf of GLOBE Israel, GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Board, GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office, and GLOBE Program Implementation Office, we are very pleased to invite you to the 2017 GLOBE Annual Meeting for Europe and Eurasia and GLOBE training organized under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry for Foreign Affairs. This year, it will be held in Zichron Yaacov, Northern Israel, from 06-10 November 2017. Registration is open now.  >>

05/11/2017 - 05/14/2017
GLOBE Games 2017 in the Czech Republic
The GLOBE Program Czech Republic is pleased to announce GLOBE Games 2017. The event invites participants to share results of student research projects, gain new insights and skills, and initiate inter-school collaborations. GLOBE Games 2017 will take place in the Czech Republic 11-14 May 2017.  >>

01/01/2017 - 12/31/2017
European Phenology Campaign 2017
Phenology campaign 2017 has already started! The campaign brings brand new GrowApp - a perfect and easy to use tool for biology and geography classes. Join the campaign and use GrowApp to observe how plants change during various seasons, make time-lapse videos and learn how plants react to climatic changes.  >>

10/11/2015 - 10/17/2015
GLOBE Hosts New Data Entry Challenge 11-17 October
GLOBE is hosting a new data entry challenge from 11-17 October 2015! Data collection is at the heart of The GLOBE Program – and it takes a world to contribute the scientific and environmental measurements that help GLOBE fulfill its vision of a worldwide community of students, teachers, scientists, and citizens working together to better understand, sustain, and improve Earth's environment at local, regional, and global scales. GIO is calling on you to dig in even deeper and continue to make your data count! With your help, it all adds up!  >>

10/01/2015 - 04/30/2016
Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign
To support the SMAP satellite mission, NASA has initiated a 7-month-long Soil Moisture Measurement Campaign and invites GLOBE schools to participate. The SMAP Campaign begins 1 October 2015 and will be ongoing through 30 April 2016.  >>

09/24/2015 - 10/01/2015
2015 Kilimanjaro Learning Xpedition
Since 2008, an international team of GLOBE scientists, teachers and students have been trekking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to evaluate the evolving ecosystem of the largest freestanding mountain in the world. The 2015 Mt. Kilimanjaro Xpedition begins on 24 September.  >>

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