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GPM-GLOBE Student Precipitation Field Campaign Begins 1 February 2015

NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Mission will be partnering with The GLOBE Program to hold a student precipitation field campaign to collect data from 1 February through mid-April 2015.

The GPM Mission, which launched on 27 February 2014, examines one important aspect of the water cycle – precipitation. The GLOBE field campaign is an opportunity for students to participate in ground validation for the GPM satellite, investigating the question: "How do ground-based observations compare to satellite rainfall estimates?" Students will also be able to compare their data with that of participating schools around the globe, networks of "official" rain gauges, as well as to long-term climatological data.

During the Field Campaign, students and teachers will be able to participate in webinars and read blog posts by NASA scientists and engineers. The GPM/GLOBE Field Campaign Event Schedule includes:


  • For Teachers: "The GPM-GLOBE Student Field Campaign Kick-Off" (21 January, 12 p.m. AND 7 p.m. EST/UTC-5).
  • For Students: "GPM-GLOBE Field Campaign Student Kick-Off" (2 February at 10 a.m., 12 p.m., 2 p.m., AND 4 p.m. EST/UTC-5).

Blog Posts:

  • "The GPM-GLOBE Student Field Campaign" (21 January). This blog will be written by Kristen Weaver (GPM Education and Communication Team).
  • "Ground Validation" (2 February). This blog will be written by NASA Wallops Flight Facility scientists.
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