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Spring Tree Video Contest


Excellent videos from 25 school teams from Croatia, Czech Republic, Malta and Ukraine were sent to the 2019 Spring Tree Video contest organised within the European Phenology campaign.

Students explain why they have chosen their tree, share both their joy and findings of their research. Moreover, students talk about what they have learned thanks to the spring tree observations and their participation in the GLOBE Program.

In the GLOBE Europe and Eurasia Region Coordination Office, we are pleased by the enthusiasm and skills of the students as well as with the high quality of research communication. Congratulations to all students and big thanks to the teachers for guiding the teams.


Ekonomska i trgovačka škola Dubrovnik, Croatia

GPOA Znojmo, Czech Republic


OS Banija, Croatia


Gozo College Middle School, Malta - video, subtitles

Secondary school of village Mushkutyntsi, Ukraine - video

OS Djurmanec, Croatia - video

Gozo College San Lawrenz Primary - The Friendly School, Malta - video, subtitles

Kalenikivka secondary school, Ukraine - video

Baranikovsky institution of general secondary education of І-ІІІ degrees, Ukraine - video

Kinashivska ZOSH I-III steps, Ukraine - video

Pjatyhory Secondary School, Ukraine– video 1, video 2, subtitles

Yurivska Secondary School, Ukraine – video 1

Chernetchyna NVK, Ukraine - video

Khmelivka secondary school, Ukraine – video 1, video 2

ZS a MS Hradec Kralove Stefcova, Czech Republic – video 1, video 2 + subtitles

ZS Havlickuv Brod, Konecna 1884, Czech Republic - video

Gozo College Rabat Primary School, Malta – video, subtitles

Sannat Primary and Special Unit, Malta – video, subtitles

Zhoravskа secondary school, Ukraine - video

NTSDYUT, Ukraine - video

Shepetovsky City Center of ecological and naturalistic creativity of pupils' youth, Ukraine – video, subtitles

Chuguyevsky regional house of children's creativity, Ukraine – video, subtitles

Lutsk City Ecology and Nature Center, Ukraine - video

Chernivtsi Regional Ecology and Nature Center for Youth, Ukraine – video, subtitles

Chernivtsi Regional Ecology and Nature Center for Youth, Ukraine, teacher Tetiana Cheban – video, subtitles


Opening picture: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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News origin: Europe and Eurasia