What will I take home from L2R summer institute ?


I was excited to attend the Learning to research Summer Institute to enhance some inquiry methods related to climate change. But when we started the program it overwhelmed me. Each day was a bundle of enormous information. I had a new perspective of climate now. I have clear guidelines to develop a project to better assist my students. Exposure to new dimensions of technology made be a little bit more confident to participate actively in GLOBE activities through out the year and after.

I got to know lot of people across the nation and received bulk of information on different topics, which is a life time experience for me.Holding a webinar is making me a little bit nervous but, I am sure, with the collaboration of my team mates I will make it happen successfully. Right from the beginning of the school session we will be communicating with the students in Louisiana and Montana who are my fellow partners to work on Hydrology related issues in their area. I can imagine the excitement of my students even now when they will be connected to the students globally. Things are subject to change but I know for sure that knowledge I am taking home from L2R to impart to my students will definitely take them to a higher level to think and act like a scientist.


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It's been a pleasure getting to know you Ranjana! The story of your teaching career is inspiring and I admire the way you continuously tackle new situations to bring the best back to your students!
Ranjana -
If you would like more practice time in Adobe Connect for the Webinar, please let me know! It should be a low stress situation to share your project status.
It has been exciting to think of the possibilities of collaboration!! I have enjoyed working with you in person and am looking forward to our continuing this partnership with our students. Don't worry--it is all new to me also, but we can do this!!!
I was great to meet you Ranjana. I share you sentiments as far as being overwhelmed. I have a math background and getting reacquainted with a science background truly made me nervous. I am excited to continue to collaborate with you as well as the GLOBE staff.