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2021 GLOBE Asia-Pacific Regional GLE

GLOBE Taiwan Office hosted 2021 GLOBE Asia-Pacific Regional GLE on 2 May 2021. This event was part of the 2021 GLOBE Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting. GLOBE Taiwan Office invited Dr. Ying-Hwa Kuo, Director of UCAR Community Program, as an on-line keynote speaker to talk about “Improving Weather Prediction and Monitoring Climate Change with Radio Occultation Technique.”
After the keynote speech, there were 13 student teams from India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan virtually sharing their GLOBE science reports. The topics included aerosol issues, chemical pollution, the impact of CO2 concentration on the weather, the influence of the soil pH, electrical conductivity on the ecological system, the observation of mosquito larvae, and the relationship between tree grow-up and sunshine. The following activity was the on-site Taiwan student poster presentations. There were 30 posters from 15 schools that joined the meeting. The subjects included students’ GLOBE investigations, teachers’ GLOBE teaching plans, and the implementation in GLOBE schools.

Taiwan Students Presentation

India Students Presentation

Philippines Students Presentation

​​​​​​​Thailand Students Presentation

Taiwan students shared their results to AIT officer Ms. Rhiannon Bramer.

GLOBE Taiwan Office invited American Institute in Taiwan Economic Officer Rhiannon Bramer, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Science Education Ministry of Science and Technology Chih-Peng Chu, Vice President of National Central University Dr. Kwang-Hwa Lii, Director of GLOBE Implementation Office Dr. Tony P. Murphy, Coordinator of GLOBE Regional Coordination Office for Asia-Pacific Dr. Desh Bandhu and Director of UCAR Community Program Dr. Ying-Hwa Kuo jointly opened 2021 virtual Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting. In total, there were 607 participants virtually joining and 126 participants joining the meeting in person.

Group Photo of on-site Participants

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