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The GLOBE Program is implemented through a worldwide network of primary and secondary schools, as well as in many universities around the world.  Through the use of the Internet, these schools monitor environmental changes both locally and worldwide, and document their findings in scientific research reports.


There are currently tens of thousands of GLOBE-trained teachers who implement GLOBE in their classrooms using GLOBE's inquiry-based science projects.  GLOBE provides teachers with professional development opportunities as well as continuing support from the GLOBE Help Desk, Scientists and the GLOBE Partner Network.


GLOBE students have reported well over 100 million measurements in the investigation areas of Atmosphere/Climate, Hydrology, Soil, Land Cover/Biology and Phenology.  Following an inquiry-based research approach, GLOBE students pose questions and make initial observations about the environment; design investigations and take environmental measurements at or near their schools using GLOBE measurement protocols and appropriate, calibrated measurement equipment; report their observations to the GLOBE database via the Internet; use tools on the GLOBE Web site to create maps and graphs from their own data, and those of GLOBE schools around the world; analyze their data and other data sets; and as all scientists do at the end of their research, present and publish the results of their analyses. 

GLOBE improves student understanding by involving students in conducting real science – taking measurements, analyzing data, and participating in research collaborations with other students, as well as with scientists engaged in cutting-edge Earth Systems Science research.

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