FLEXE - Learning Activities

FLEXE Learning Activities


FLEXE learning activities are organized in instructional units designed to help middle and high school students learn key Earth system science concepts and develop critical scientific inquiry skills. Educational materials include classroom-based learning activities and on-line Forums** featuring deep sea scientists and the environments they study.

Two Instructional Units are available:

  • Energy Unit:** examines energy transfer between components of the Earth system using various temperature datasets, and explores similarities and differences in energy transfer in local and deep-sea extreme environments.
  • Ecology Unit: uses examples from deep-sea environments to introduce ecological concepts, and guides students to formulate their own research questions on their local environment.

Note: FLEXE Forums are designed to connect students with scientists around a particular dataset or event. Although FLEXE Forums are not "live" at this time, archived versions of these exchanges are available for your classroom use. Instructions for how to use the archive forum are included with each Forum.

* archive mode

** online components not currently available