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Seasons and Biomes


The GLOBE Seasons and Biomes Project is one of four Earth System Science Projects (ESSPs) funded by NASA and NSF to develop hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science activities for The GLOBE Program. The Project will guide students through an investigation of seasonal changes and biomes. A biome is a large geographic area of distinctive plant and animal groups that are adapted specifically for a particular environment. Biome type is determined by the climate and geography of a region. Through the GLOBE Seasons and Biomes project, students and teachers will have the opportunity to use GLOBE resources and support to conduct scientific inquiries in their local environments and biomes.

This project will contribute critically needed science measurements to validate satellite data used in research on regional climate change, prevention and management of diseases, and understanding of the water and carbon cycles. By monitoring the seasons in your biome, you will learn how interactions within the Earth system affect your local environment and how it in turn affects regional and global environments.