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Comparison of water quality in Wichianmatu School.

Student(s):Miss Panatda Chaipak Miss Pornsinee Khoonin Miss Nawaporn Thongrong
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:Thamonwan Bunchuay
Contributors:Miss Suteera Thachin
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Earth As a System
Presentation Video: View Video
Optional Badges:Be a Collaborator, Be a Data Scientist, Make An Impact
Date Submitted:01/15/2023
In this picture is  Water transparency is being measured.
Comparative study of water quality in 4 swimming pools in the area of Wichianmatu School by limiting the number of pools in the study The comparative study was as follows: Sra cha kiaw, Bor sala glang nam , Bor sanambas and Bor tonsai. The indexes used were temperature, pH, and pH. water transparency and the dissolved oxygen value for comparison. The group has used the principles of GLOBE THAILAND to measure temperature, pH value, water transparency. and dissolved oxygen three times each time and take each measured index value The mean temperatures of the four pools were 28.6°c in Sra cha kiaw 26.3°c in Bor sala glang nam , 27°c in Bor sanambas and 26.3°c in Bor tonsai. The pH of the Sra cha kiaw was 5.5, and the pH of the Bor sala glang nam was 4.8. The pH of the Bor sanambas was 5.2 and the pH of the second pool was 5.2. 4 had an average of 4.8. Water transparency of Sra cha kiaw had an average of 107.5 cm. Water transparency of Bor sala glang nam had an average of 102.3 cm. The average water transparency in Bor sanambas was 102.3 cm, and the average water transparency in Bor tonsai was 103,8 cm, and the average dissolved oxygen value in Sra cha kiaw was 3.4. The average dissolved oxygen value for Bor sala glang nam was 3.4 cm. 7.3 Dissolved oxygen in Bor sanambas had an average of 4.1 and dissolved oxygen in Bor tonsai had an average of 7.9.