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Finding Correlation between Wind Efficiency and Barometric Pressure

Student(s):Donevan Garrison, Ayden Drew
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:Laura Kubiak
Contributors:Laura Kubiak, Ted Richardson, Timothy Best, Kristine Ward, Sara Mierzwiak, Dr. Kevin Czajkowski, University of Toledo, GLOBE Mission Earth and NASA
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Barometric Pressure, Wind
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Optional Badges:I am a Collaborator, I am a Data Scientist
Date Submitted:02/05/2024
Garrison & Drew - Barometric Pressure Project
Our project was determining whether or not there would be a consistent change between wind speed and barometric pressure daily. We also investigated whether or not there was any relationship involving changes in weather conditions. To investigate these changes, we had to go out every day between 8:00-10:30. We would then collect data for the wind speed and barometric pressure and record them. The results gathered varied day by day; however, different weather conditions, such as whether it was cloudy, rainy, etc. did affect our findings.