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GLOBE Partners make GLOBE happen throughout the United States. Partners recruit, train and mentor new GLOBE educators and facilitators to promote the teaching and learning of science, enhance environmental literacy and stewardship and promote scientific discovery. To see if we have an active partner in your U.S. state or territory, see our list of U.S. Partners.

Interested in becoming a GLOBE Partner? Learn more about Partner roles and how to apply.  

Current GLOBE Partners: find the resources and opportunities available to you from the Partner homepage (you must be logged in to view some of the opportunity pages). 

Student Research Symposia

Our regional Student Research Symposia (SRS) are great ways for your students to demonstrate their scientific skills. The U.S. GLOBE Office organizes six of these face-to-face symposia throughout the year, at which students can share their field measurements with professional scientists, engage in the scientific process, and network with their peers.

The symposia also have professional development and activities for educators. In the days leading up to each event, educators have opportunities to learn about facilitating student research as well as connect with scientists and other GLOBE educators to expand their educational community. 

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To facilitate stronger connections within the U.S. GLOBE community, the U.S. GLOBE Office holds weekly, virtual "Watercoolers." These are informal meet-ups focused on sharing ideas around a weekly theme, like "The Future of Forests" or "Running Online Programs."

These get-togethers are open to all U.S. educators, Partners, and anyone else interested in attending.

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  Two people in waders stand in a stream
  John Olgin points to the sky in a GLOBE Cloud training
  Image of the Serengeti, Tanzania by Hu Chen

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2024 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic (U.S.) Regional Student Research Symposium Event Date: 05/03/2024 - 05/04/2024 Location: Berks Nature - The Nature Place, Reading, PA Educators,...
United States Partners The U.S. has dedicated Partners who contribute to GLOBE through training and support. Find a Partner nearby for help and information. Current U.S. Partners: use the sidebar...
GLOBE Partners GLOBE Partners make GLOBE happen throughout the United States. Partners recruit, train and mentor new GLOBE educators and facilitators to promote the teaching and learning of...
GLOBE U.S. Sophomores and Juniors: Apply for the STEM Enhancement in Earth Science (SEES) 2024 Summer Internship Program Dec 04, 2023 The GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office is accepting...
SEES Internship Piqued STEM Interest for GLOBE Student Tyree Gillespie-Williams Dec 07, 2023 The GLOBE U.S. Coordination Office recently interviewed GLOBE student Tyree Gillespie-Williams, who...
Student Research Symposia News Stories Get to know SRS teams from each region through these news stories! 2023 SRS A ‘SRS’ Success - from the Nelson Institute...
2024 Southeast (U.S.) Regional Student Research Symposium Event Date: 04/05/2024 - 04/06/2024 Location: INFINITY Science Center, Pearlington, MS Educators, students, U.S. Partners,...
Students in Ireland and USA Share Green-Down Data and Culture in Virtual Meeting Dec 06, 2023   On November 14, third grade students from Hampstead Central School (New Hampshire, USA) met...
U.S. Weekly Watercooler: NARM in-person PD Opportunities (4:10 pm ET) Event Date: 11/29/2023 - 11/29/2023 Event Time: 4:10 pm ET - 5:00 pm ET Location: Virtual Learn...
U.S. Regional Symposia — Student Resources "There is no need to be nervous because everyone is here to support one another as we all learn something new." - 2017 SRS Participant At the SRS...

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