NA Phenology Campaign

North America Phenology Campaign

Welcome from the Canada and U.S. GLOBE Country Coordinators


Dates: September 2023 - December 2023

The North America Phenology Campaign is focused on monitoring and reporting plant phenology data to help validate the end of the plant growing season. In this campaign, students will observe and report plant green-down, have opportunities to meet scientists, and collaborate with other students.

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Upcoming Webinars

What to Expect

  • Webinars for learners and educators
  • Resources that support the content
  • Information about phenology-related opportunities

Get Started

GLOBE eTraining

On the Biosphere eTraining page, complete the eTrainings for:

  • Introduction to Biosphere
  • Green Up-Green Down—Tree and Shrub Green-Down
  • NOTE: If you aren't a GLOBE educator, you will also need to complete the Introduction to GLOBE eTraining (scroll down the page to find the eTraining).

Green-Down Protocol

Now is the time to measure leaf color change with the GLOBE Green-Down protocol.

Quick Steps and Video Tutorials

Check out our Tutorials page for help with collecting green-down measurements.


If you have any questions as you set up your site, select your trees, start to enter data, or anything else, please email us at