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Phenology Scientist Interviews

Dr. Dave Steinberg, Wildlife Biologist, University of New Hampshire

Dr. Dave Steinberg studies phenology of amphibians and reptiles.

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Learn more about Dr. Dave Steinberg's research

Dr. Alison Post, Research Scientist, University of Colorado Boulder

Dr. Alison Post studies phenology in grasslands.

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Learn about the PhenoCam Network and how to monitor grass phenology with GLOBE (pdf)

Dr. Jon Wang, Earth System Scientist, University of Utah

Dr. Jon Wang studies the impacts of climate change and human activity on terrestrial ecosystems. He is interested in carbon cycling, how forests are affected by wildfires, phenology and the Urban Heat Island. 

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Learn about Dr. Wang's research and lab.

Dr. Alix Contosta, Ecosystem Ecologist, University of New Hampshire

Dr. Alix Contosta studies the "vernal window", the time between snowmelt and canopy leaf out.

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Resources from Dr. Alix Contosta:

Dr. Steven Running, Forest Ecologist and Emeritus Regents Professor, University of Montana

Dr. Steven Running was involved in developing the GLOBE Green-up and Green-down protocols and shared the Nobel Peace Prize with the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2007. He studies forest ecosystems.

Download the transcript for Dr. Steven Running (pdf)

Dr. Logan Berner, Research Ecologist at Northern Arizona University

Dr. Logan Berner studies how climate change impacts boreal ecosystems.

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Learn about Logan's lab and research and read a recent publication of his on climate change impacts on the boreal forest. 

Dr. Erika Podest, Terrestrial Ecosystem Scientist at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 

Dr. Erika Podest uses satellite images to study the impact of climate change on terrestrial ecosystems.

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Dr. Constance Harrington, Researcher at the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station

Dr. Harrington studies the environmental factors that influence tree growing seasons.

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Learn about Connie's research.