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What is the surface temperature of the school Prairie compared to the black top?

Student(s):Zachary Krueger, Brady Haye, Varnith Sadhu
Grade Level:Middle School (grades 6-8, ages 11-14)
GLOBE Teacher:Amy Boros
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Surface Temperature
Presentation Video: View Video
Optional Badges:Be a Data Scientist, Make An Impact, Be a STEM Storyteller
Date Submitted:03/11/2022
Our team researched how the surface temperature in our school prairie compares to the school parking lot. The data tells us that the surface of different types of ground attract more heat than others and some ground plants and animals can or can't live on surfaces with those temperatures. The prairie was cooler, and a better place for plants to grow. There were more plants in the prairie than the parking lot. Prairies are good for our environment for our native plants because they keep the soil cool in the warm weather and warm in the cool weather. Some solutions to benefit our environment is to plant more native prairies to reduce our surface temperature and increase our natural resources. If we plant more native prairies then, it will help our environment because it will provide more native plants and animals that help us.


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I like that you were very thorough in your data collection and analysis. It was a very nice study. It is nice that you have a prairie on your schoolgrounds.