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The Influence of Asphalt on Surrounding Short-grass Soil Temperature

Student(s):D'Aire Davis
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Steven Frantz
Report Type(s):
Protocols:Soil Temperature
Date Submitted:05/03/2013
This project is on the influence of asphalt on surrounding short-grass soil temperature. The data that was taken supported the hypothesis: The closer the soil is to the asphalt the warmer the soil will be. Then after the data was taken it was recorded. The problem of the project is, "Should a family plant their plants closer to the asphalt or farther from the asphalt?" Finally, after review of the data, the closer the soil is to the asphalt the warmer the soil is. The soil is warmer because of the albedo on the asphalt which radiates heat to the short-grass area that is around it.


Interesting project to use soil temperature and relate it to where your family plants their plants.

If you could do the project over again, what would you do differently, and why? What was the most surprising thing you learned from performing this research? Is/are there any other variable(s) that may be important to this research?
This was a very interesting project, and I like how you tied it to your and your family's every day experience.

Can you think of any other reasons, aside from soil temperature, why you might want to plant your plants closer to or farther from the asphalt?
You were certainly thorough in taking measurements with 10 days of observations and multiple samples at each location on each day. I like your data plot as it helps make the result clear.

Did this research project make you curious to try another investigation to test a different hypothesis? What do you think would happen if your family planted the same type of plant in the three locations where you took data?