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Study of biodiversity. And indicators of air quality in the surrounding forest lichens

Student(s):G. Khunnalao, N. Chomphuphong and A. Phansamred
Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Educator(s):Mr. chumpom Chareesaen
Report Type(s):
Protocols:Relative Humidity, Air Temperature
Date Submitted:05/31/2013
Screen capture from presentation
This study has the following goals: 1) Explore the biodiversity of lichens. 2) Study the physical factors that affect the survey lichens in forest, and 3) Get the type of survey used lichens as indicators of air quality in the Don Chan sciences. Kalasin Province. During the months of June to August. By defining the study area is the fourth area of the road for Kumek - Donchan. The results showed that physical factors studied. Temperature and humidity of the 4 points. No difference. Luminance most point 4, Lichen species observed include the 2 groups . The group is Crustose including Chrysothrix, Graphidaceae, Laurera, Lecanora, Tryperthelium tropicum and Foliose including Dirinaria,. Pyxine cocoes and type of lichen survey can be used as an indicator of air quality. The study found a kind of lichen groups highly durable and sturdy. But not lichen group in good weather. By a ratio of 1:10:0 conclude that the weather in the area studied, Poor air quality.


What a very interesting project! What other variables do you believe would be good to also measure in a study like this?

Were you surprised by anything you found through your project?