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How does the soil temperature in the school prairie compare to the soil temperature in the turf grass and the playground?

Organization(s):Dorr Elementary School
Student(s):Katelyn Duke, Ryan Bryant, Evan Millsaps, Rue Warner
Grade Level:Upper Primary (grades 3-5, ages 8-11)
GLOBE Educator(s):Kristy DiSalle
Report Type(s):International Virtual Science Symposium Report
Protocols:Clouds, Soil Temperature
Presentation Video: View Video
Date Submitted:03/08/2022
Our team researched soil temperature. The data tells us that the playground has the highest temperature at 5 cm. The prairie has the lowest temperature at 10cm. Prairies are ideal because they decrease the amount of carbon dioxide. Some solutions to benefit our environment is to plant more native plants and be a nice home for animals. If we plant more native prairie plants, then the soil will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter because plants give off heat. So, our prairies help regulate soil temperatures for our native plants. This is why we all need to plant more native prairies!