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How Might Climate Affect the Louisiana Wetlands

Organization(s):Cabrini High School
Student(s):Rebecca Protti, Savannah Nunnery, Rebecca Green
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Ann Smart
Report Type(s):
Date Submitted:05/01/2013
Screen capture from presentation
Climate can possibly affect the Louisiana wetlands, because of water levels rising, which causes more saltwater intrusion. When saltwater intrudes in any freshwater swamp where the plants thrive in freshwater, most of those plants are going to die or not grow. The less plants there are in wetlands affects the animals and marine life that uses wetlands for nurseries, food, shelter, and a habitat. When the animals die of or go search for other wetlands to live in people who live off of those animals can not make a living anymore.


Good afternoon! I was wondering what steps could be taken to try and prevent these plants from dying because of the salt? Also, do you think that these plants will adapt to the salt levels changing or do you think they will die off?
In class we studied how researchers are trying to develop more salt-tolerant plants. As of now they are dying off as the salt water infiltrates the wetlands. There are many marsh grass replanting projects going on.
Dear student,
Good work!
What is the most interesting part of your research?
What was the highest and lowest concentration of saltwater used?