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Is ozone affected by smoke?

Organization(s):East Cobb Middle School
Student(s):Marcos P., Ben H., and Noah C.
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Twila McMullan
Report Type(s):
Protocols:(Protocol Deactivated)
Date Submitted:05/02/2013
Screen capture from presentation
Our project was about whether the ozone layer was affected by smoke. Our hypothesis was that it would increase it. We tested this by hanging an ozone strip over a fire and another far away from the fire. We did this three times and the results were the ozone strips hung by the fire picked up more ozone than the non-smoke ones. Our hypothesis was right. Fire and smoke makes more ozone which can damage the atmosphere and harm our lungs and people with asthma. Smoke and other greenhouse gasses trap the sun's rays and harm the earth. This is why we need to cut down on fossil fuel and other things that produce greenhouse gasses because we have enough naturally.


Hi my name is Sofia Gargiulo and I am from Colegio French in Argentina. My question is: Does smoke affect the ground level of ozone?
Nice project! What inspired you to study this question? If you were to do the study again, would you do anything different? Would you add any more variables? Also, what are the characteristics of a "legit" fire?
HI, my name is Vicky from COlegio French. I found your topic very interesting. Why didi you decide to investigate on that topic?
How did you read the ozone strips? How did you measure relative humidity?