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Ozone Project

Organization(s):East Cobb Middle School
Student(s):Meg and Lindsay
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Twila McMullan
Report Type(s):
Protocols:(Protocol Deactivated)
Date Submitted:05/06/2013
ozone chart
Is ozone different in a mile radius? Our hypothesis was ozone will be different in a mile radius. We did many tests and got about the same for all of them. We learned that our hypothesis was not supported by our data. However, we also learned that next time we might need to try the ozone a little bit farther away from our houses. We learned a lot and had lots of fun


What motivated you to study the difference in ozone between your houses?

Why did you think they would be different at the mile radius?
Hello Meg and Lindsay. Ozone can vary between locations but these differences are often due to proximity to a source of ozone. Are there differences between the environments around the two locations (your two houses), such as a major highway closer to one location that would lead you to your hypothesis?
You indicated that there was no correlation studied in your project. If you were to look for a correlation between ozone levels and something else, what are some ideas about what that something else could be?

Your manner of narrating your report was very nice.
How did you protect the ozone strips after you exposed them before taking them to school the next day?
Thank you for sharing your work. The level of agreement you had in your measurements at your two locations indicates that you were indeed careful and consistent with your measurement procedure. I like how you included lab safety considerations in your work and in your report. Do you think you might have ever seen differences in the readings at the two sites if you had taken measurements for more days? If so, what might cause such a difference?