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Ozone Project by Zach and Donavan

Organization(s):East Cobb Middle School
Student(s):Zach Lentz and Donavan Slater
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Twila McMullan
Report Type(s):
Protocols:(Protocol Deactivated)
Date Submitted:05/02/2013
Screen capture from presentation
Our ozone project was about how population affects ozone. The hypothesis was that of the two cities that we did for the project that Atlanta would have higher levels than Macon. In conclusion, we found out that Macon actually had higher levels than Atlanta. The reason for this is that Macon is downwind from Atlanta is so it is getting Atlanta's ozone levels too. We also figured out that if the day was winder Macon had more ozone and Atlanta had less.


Hi , my name is Sol from Colegio French , Argentina. You project was very interesting ,What limitations did you find to your investigation?
Ozone is certainly an important thing to measure around cities! Did you collect any of your own ozone measurements? Also, how might you expect the results to change for other months of the year?
Why do you think the ozone levels varied more in Macon than Atlanta?
How could you test the idea your presented that Macon's levels are higher in general due to being down wind of Atlanta?
Hello Zach and Donavan. Interesting study! Ozone is an important factor to investigate today. What was the average ozone measurement for January? Why are averages important to examine? Did you have access to other data from other months? Why might more data help you to better report on your research question? I hope you keep up with this investigation and examine ozone year round.