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A Comparitive Study of Temperate and Desert Climates

Student(s):Morgan Rardon
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Steven Frantz
Report Type(s):
Protocols:Precipitation, Water Temperature, Soil Temperature
Date Submitted:05/03/2013
I chose this project because I was interested in how plants and animals adapt to the weather in different places. I've always wondered how so many plants (such as Cylindropuntia fulgida (jumping cactus)) and animals such as Suricata suricata (meerkat) have lived in such hot weather. Also, I thought it was interesting how the plants and animals endure and restrain heat and not having much water to drink or food to eat


If you could repeat your project, what would you do differently?

What do you think is the main factor in the difference in surface temperature between the two climate types?
Nice work, Morgan! Did anything in your results surprise you at all? If so, why? Also, how do you think you could relate this project to the animals that interest you?
Very interesting topic, and like Julie said, I'd love to know more about how your findings affected the flora and fauna...great motivation for doing the project! I'm curious,what data did you use for the Las Vegas and Namibia sites? Was it GLOBE surface temperature data or air temperature data or something else? Also, what does the hot and cold data for each day and each site represent? Did you collect data at more than one time per day on each day?