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The effect of extreme weather on water quality

Student(s):Students of Anne Guerriero
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Educator(s):Anne Guerriero
Report Type(s):
Protocols:Conductivity, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Water Temperature, Water Transparency, Freshwater Macroinvertebrates
Date Submitted:05/03/2013
Screen capture from presentation
Have the recent extreme weather events in Keene (3 floods since 2005) affected the water quality in the Ashuelot River and Beaver Brook as they flow through the city? Because the Ashuelot River has a flood control dam north of the city, it has not caused significant flooding. Beaver Brook, on the other hand, has caused major problems each time it overflows its banks. We expect that water quality in Beaver Brook will be worse than water quality in the Ashuelot River.


How important is collecting accurate data at an accurate time, day, etc. to your study?
My students would like to know how you collected the macros. Did you use a kick net or leaf packs? Do you think there is a difference in the methods?
Great project!
Interesting project, Surry Village Charter School! What was most surprising to you about your results?
Knowing what you know now, how could you continue your research? Did this project inspire another research project?

If you could do your project over again, what would you do differently?
You criticized the GLOBE specified instrumentation for giving limited values, but you show DO values that are two or three significant figures. This says the measurements are quite precise. Can you explain your comment? Also, you praise the pH kit as giving whole values of pH and report a value of 6.7 in your report. What were you trying to say?
You all did so much work. I hope you will report your data to GLOBE. You referred to leaf packs in the river. How were they used in the macroinvertebrate investigation? Also, your graphs of the data you obtained from other sources were very good and it is great that you identified these sources of information relevant to your project.