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Why Is There Such A High Level Of Nitrogen Dioxide at the Entrance to Our School?

Student(s):Robert Duggan Thomas Eve
Grade Level:Secondary School (grades 9-12, ages 14-18)
GLOBE Teacher:
Date Submitted: 03/12/2020
The King's Hospital School

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Abstract We had the air quality in different places in our school tested and found that at the front entrance it was the worst for any school in Ireland. We looked into why this was and what we can do to help. Our school entered into a project by GLOBE where they came and tested our air quality. When we got back the results we wanted to make a project to further understand the where and why of our poor air quality. We took the results and made a coloured graph ranging from good air quality to bad standard. We ended up with three results. The air around the back pitches was good enough, not perfect but not bad either. The air around the back was a bit worse, but still not terrible. However, around the entrance at the front was where we got Ireland’s worst result. In conclusion, we came up with three main reasons for the quality. The first was the M50 and N4 causing a lot of nitrogen oxide as many cars come by. The next was the bus stop about 50 yards from the front gate. The big buses make for a lot of fumes. The last reason was the speed bump at the gate. It is only a one-way road. It makes the cars stop and thus produce more nitrogen oxide with the stopping and starting. We found out that making the front entrance a two way system would help stop the situation to an extent. We also found more trees would help as they clear the air but they also make a physical barricade shielding the school.